Chelsea FC: News, Transfer News & Rumors, Analysis – A Logical, Skeptical Chelsea Thesis.

2012/2013 Season is as good as over. United have won the league, along expected lines. But what could have been IF….

Robin Van Perise had signed for Chelsea instead of Manchester United?


Eden Hazard had signed for Manchester United instead of Chelsea?

Reason for this thought being, many Chelsea fans would gladly exchange RVP for Hazard, in hindsight of course. Grass is always greener on the other side, eh!

However, could that have ended the season differently?

Let us hypothesize.

Robin Van Persie signs for Chelsea, for a fee of £28 Million from Arsenal. Chelsea pay a whopping £28 Million for a 29 year old striker. RVP ends the season with 25 goals and 10 assists against his name, in the English Premier League.”

Eden Hazard signs for Manchester United, for a fee of £35 Million from Lille. SAF out of his mind to pay £35 Million for a 21 year old player who is unproven in the English Premier League. Hazard ends the season with 10 goals and 10 assists, in his first season in the English Premier League.”

How would have the fans reacted then?

Scenario 1:- “Chelsea win the Premier League after a 2 year gap. Manchester United finish fourth.”

Fans – “We should have signed Eden Hazard. Look at how talented he is! RVP is past his prime. Now we will be stuck with a 30 year old striker for a few more years. Hazard is only 22! Look at his potential! He could be better than Messi! The Chelsea board don’t know what they are doing. Sack them!”

Scenario 2:- “Chelsea finish fourth, barely. Manchester United win yet another League Title.”

Fans – “What a waste of a signing. RVP is not the one to win us the title. Hazard could have scored tons more than RVP’s 25. We want Hazard. Sack the board!”

Grass may always be greener on the other side, until one takes the effort to reach the other side. ;-)

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