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Super Frank – An Honest Opinion

Author: Hunk

Lampard is continuously linked with a move away from Stamford Bridge in January which has left many of us wondering whether the club wants him or not. Here is a little “analysis” of mine on the whole situation.

I have seen a lot of people talking about Giggs and Scholes being pampered by United. Everyone has been quoting the example of Giggs and Scholes, how the age has caught up with them. Still United has kept hold of them because they know how to “preserve” legends. Well the truth be told: they have signed 1 Year rolling Contracts and have taken Pay Cuts.

Lampard on the other hand at the age of 34, is one of the top earners at the club currently bagging £150,000 per week wages. Lamps wants a £150,000 per week contract for 2 years but the club considering his age are only willing to offer a 1 year contract at best. Not sure if the offer has been made but that is what the talk has been all this while.

“Maybe things don’t last forever. Although I want it to last forever, you have to be big enough to know what it is.” – Lampard.

Franky clearly wants a long term deal at the club and supposedly is not willing to negotiate on a one year rolling contract.

 “I’m not the kind of player to see out my time and sit with my bum on the bench too much. I want to be involved.” – Lampard

Lampard feels he still has a lot to give and his performance after coming back have been pretty good. So he still has a couple of years left in him at the top level. I do agree but I sort of agree with the stance club is taking. With players like Mata and Hazard in, Lampard has seen his role limited to the double pivot (a position he doesn’t  have the expertise in) hence lesser number of appearance.

The club is not offering him a pay cut but are only going to offer a 1 year deal (just like United) – If they do (that is). Arsenal too has a similar policy for +30 players which resulted in Pires leaving Arsenal because he wanted a 2 year deal. The club was not willing to change the rules for one person and it led to the departure of one of the best players in BPL history.

The whole Lampard situation is quite similar to that of Drogba’s last year. He also wanted a longterm deal but the club had laid down the rules and was not ready to create any kind of exceptions. Drogba had made up his mind before the UCL final that it was going to be his last game for Chelsea.

I really dont like the idea of the 1 year deal but that is how it is and we have to accept the club’s policies. Now the ball is very much in Lampard’s court if he wants to negotiate because as a club you are looking at Wage Bills and Medical Bills considering Franky’s age.

I desperately want Lamps to stay but I think we have to admit there needs to be compromise from both sides. Yes he is a club legend but no club pays its 34, 35 year old legends £150,000 per week. Chelsea apparently are willing to do that and no club gives a long term deal to a 34 year old.

Frank loves the fans and really wants to stay then he can sign the deal and be involved with the club like he has been for the past decade. Lampard however has to accept the fact that he is not going to be a regular starter for the club and is very much in the twilight of his career.

The fans love him … We Absolutely love him and he acknowlegded that too:

“I can’t say enough for the Chelsea fans, who have always been amazing for me and the team.” – Lampard

Well Frank, negotiate a deal for the fans because, “WE WANT YOU TO STAY”.

Lets hope the whole scenario has a happy ending for Chelsea with Lampard staying for another year with the club, ATLEAST.


Quotes link: Frank Lampard: No talks with Chelsea over new contract - Sky Sports

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Comments on: "Super Frank – We Want You To Stay." (3)

  1. Let him stay 4 1 more yr. Do he fumbles but we need his xperiance. D same goes 2 cole and terry

  2. Please legend accept the one year deal because your experience brought a change since u came back from injury you are my most loviest player in the world of footbal

  3. HabuAli Kubwa Abuja Nigeria said:

    Honestly I don’t like how chelsea treats its veterans, I donno but I personally feel lamps shud know with inform mata, hazard, oscar,ramires mikel even though floppy… Shudnt remain on d bench while he plays for full 90 mins

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