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Marko Marin gets 90 minutes.

Marko Marin got to play 90 minutes of football in a long while. His recent injury series has deprived  Chelsea fans of Marin trickery and pace.

Marin played for Chelsea U21s against Crystal Palace. He was used as one of the permitted over 21 players.

Marin was deployed as a #10, behind the striker in the hole. Marin was used as a #10 by Werder Bremen after Ozil’s departure to Real Madrid. However, Marin was largely unsuccessful in the number ten role at Werder. His contributions declined in comparison to the left winger position he had played in prior to the change.

Marin was able to contribute for Chelsea U21s in the #10 role. He scored a goal, had an assist and was involved in Chelsea’s attacks. However, Marin’s goal came via a header! The shorter Chelsea players seem to be scoring with their heads. Moses first and now Marin. Doesn’t matter how they come, as long as they keep coming.

This is good news on the Marin front. Chelsea could more than make use of Marin’s skills on the left wing. The recent fixture congestion has left Chelsea’s attacking group jaded. Their performance levels have dropped and are looking less of a threat from before.

Had Chelsea’s attacking band been fresher, Chelsea may well have scored 3-4 goals against Liverpool on Sunday. Instead, the Reds stole 2 points from us.

A fully fit and in form Marin could give Hazard a much needed rest. With the fixture congestion showing no signs of easing up till January 2013, Chelsea will need all of its squad players to be fit and in form.

We all have waited a long time to see Marin in action. It would be lovely to see the ‘German Messi’ in action during this weekend against the Baggies at the Hawthorns. Hopefully, that wish comes true. Also, hoping for Marin to stay fit and be in form for the rest of the season.


Chelsea 4 vs 1 Crystal Palace, Under 21s, Match Report -

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Comments on: "Marko Marin gets 90 minutes." (25)

  1. it we b more of a fun 2 c marin join in d front lyn along syd hazard nd oscar wt a sopport 4rm mata while tores on d bench u we c d bst ever chelsea wt gr8 pace nd lot of goals 4rm al 4 players gve marin a chance i bet u wil nver bench him again.

  2. I want to see him play for the blues, why is RDM benching marko marin? I foresee him being a success in chelsea jersey, stop benching him and give him playing time, i don’t why rdm substitution always an error?

  3. Chidi Peter said:

    Harzard should be used as No.10 as he play more relax game and good in circulating passed, then Mata and Osar from wide areas, Marin or Moses should replace any of them when weak or even play ahead of them in some matches to keep the squad fit because bench warning will not help any player, Sturridge should replace Torres earlier than that 10 – 5 mins before time.

  4. Chidi Peter said:

    Harzard should be used as No.10 as he play more relax game also good in circulating passes, then Mata and Osar from wide areas, Marin or Moses should replace any of them when weak or even play ahead of them in some matches to keep the squad fit because bench warning will not help any player, Sturridge should replace Torres earlier than that 10 – 5 mins before time.

    • Hazard in #10 with Oscar and Mata on the wings is an option worth trying. Chelsea have rotated their third band during matches. Oscar plays in hole when there is a need to defend from the top. Eg:- Juventus – Pirlo and Arsenal – Arteta.

  5. chelsea should give more time to marin play beacuse he is young and attacking and goal scoring chance creator if toress from three years he is trying set himself the why not marin get chances he is not costly player alsop give him the best dimatteo we know he will succeed we love you marin go and achive as a chelsea star bro

  6. Chelsea shld leave Falcoa and use de money and sign Fellaini and Paulinho as their problem is not in de striking position but rotation of the players and RDM shld try as much as possible to inject Marin into de team so dat there will be gud rotation in de team and try teach positioning in de team during matches and dis area really exposed them in their last four games as their opponents held position and Chelsea continue to chase de ball around

  7. hi… marin is a great player, we need him in the team

  8. using marin in as 10 or any one else is not our problem all we need is a striker who could go up front and get goals 4 us.

  9. As a German Chelsea supporter I would love to see Marin more! He isn’t even as active in German National side as before! Can’t remember when last he was in the first choice setup! And that’s not fair to him! He desreves more chances! For me it lookes like Chelsea don’t think he is good why did Chelsea buy him then treat him that way?! Our problem isn’t at the 3 behind the striker! We need a midfielder to play in the deeper “2″ in the 4-2-3-1 like Fellaini who is also versatile! And am getting fed up with Torres, we need a better Striker!

    • Marin was the first choice during the pre-season tour. Then he got injured before the game against Brighton. Marin recovered from that hamstring injury, but was struck with the same injury again. Being out with injury is bad luck and not a reflection of team selection policy.

      Chelsea bought Marin in spite of his injury laden season at Werder Bremen. That shows they value Marin’s talent.

      Marin lost his place in the German squad due to his injuries at Werder, which was unfortunate.

      Torres – he is the leading scorer. The media label him as a flop when he doesn’t score for one game. Media like labeling Chelsea players as flops.

      I agree with you on the double pivot point. Chelsea don’t have a natural pivot player. Fellaini could do well there.

  10. Marine should be fixed in d squad.

  11. folagbade adekeye said:

    chelsea need to parade all there play and stop been sentiment in team selection in order to have there way through.

  12. I wll love 2 c dis guy in d chelsea first team

  13. True 2 god MARIN is a fine player I wish RDM 2 give dis guy chance he will win many ppl hart I am vr vr vr sure . MARCO MARIN in 2008 he just b like EDEN HAZARD that all are looking 4im service . UP BLUES

  14. yes ll need him 2 give hazerd rest , i love the blus

  15. Ezekiel Emmanuel said:

    Rdm z not tactically sound.z changes re always d same.y bench sme1 as gifted as marin wen e shud b givn d chanz to compete n d first team.d guy z too gud to b on d bench.hpe rdm reads dis.we nid marin n d team

  16. i think rdm is not thinking as a manager……………what has mikel got to offer?
    put oscar there and marin on the left mid……………..hazard on right and mata cm…………………….

    • :) With the formation you suggested Chelsea will get slaughtered. What did Makelele have to offer? Chelsea expect the same of Mikel. Defensive Midfielder’s don’t get the recognition they deserve. Mikel is there to do the dirty job of breaking down the opposition attacks. Marin, Mata, Hazard – have got nothing to offer defensively.

  17. See you,what did you mean by chelsea not having problem in striking effort,Chelsea are in serious problem with striking system of football-so we need a sharp striker like falcao.We don’t need felaini,that’s all.

    • If you are referring to depth issues then Chelsea do have a problem. Talent wise – Chelsea have it. Form of the strikers is a bit of a concern. Falcao is in red hot form right now. He is at his peak. Once he drops off the boil, Falcao won’t be able to score as many goals. But the talent will be there.
      Fellaini or a similar player is must. Look at our Central Midfield department. There is no real CM. We have 3 #10s, 2 wingers, 1 CAM converted into a DM, 1 RM converted into a pivot player. Frankly, Chelsea are lucky to be on 3rd position in EPL.
      For ages, Chelsea have played with only 1 striker upfront. A 2nd striker in the 11 means, he has to play out of position, on the wings. Unless Chelsea change their system, having more than 3 recognized strikers in the squad will do no good.

  18. [...] Marin had a good game for the U21s this week. If RDM feels like experimenting then Marin could get a start. Fresh legs wouldn’t hurt Chelsea’s attacking options. [...]

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