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Ashley Cole gave his Community Shield medal to a young Manchester City fan. If you were wondering why, just like the rest of us, then check out the next set of tweets.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? Ashley gave away his medal because the kid actually asked for it. For all the flak, Cole, gets, he needs to be praised for this gesture.

A few folks will say, it was not a winners medal and it probably meant nothing to Cole. Well, how many other players gave away theirs? Or have done so in the past or at other tournaments? Safe to assume, not a lot.

Anyways, next time if we have a genuine doubt, it is easier to ask Ashley Cole than just assume something ourselves. Isn’t it? He had cleared the air, recently, regarding his contract talks. He had denied the media claims of him demanding £200k/week as wages for his new contract.

There are always ways to use Twitter productively. A couple of those examples are from Ashley Cole. Lets hope he continues to do so and not end up in trouble like some others have.

Keep it neat Ash.

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Comments on: "Why Ashley Cole gave away his Community Shield Medal" (9)

  1. I think he is a generous guy than others keep it going you shall reap the reward.Even if he did it because of transfer saga let him go we have Betrand to take his place.

  2. A good gesture indeed…

  3. Chidi Peter said:

    That he gave out his medal does’nt make him wanting to leave his current club, maybe he’s generouse, he has a lot of medals in his home, he’s tired of decorating his home with medals, i think am right. hahahahah

    • Aileru jamiu olateju said:

      Ashley cole is a generous player and we( chelsea fan ) realy loved him,he is a leagend and anything he does just as an exanple for other and a proverb said that Giver shall never lack,as he dash that out many more gold medal is coming back to his carbinent with chelsea jersey.

  4. Leave him alone, so he like 2 giving someone there medal, because too much medals for him is a state decorations, then what he need community shield runners up medal’s for so he can’t.

  5. Christopher oviah said:

    This is an example that comes 4rm a good team. Look at football nw it’s nt dat easy 4 a player 2 give away his medal just lik dat,in a’cole needs 2 b praise 4 dat cos he has proving 2 b a true legend nd inspared chelsea d more. Thanks Mr Cole.

  6. He simply showed mancity dey were going 2 play second fiddle this season

  7. some pple are stupid for saying it was not a winning wen ronaldo refused to handshake barca young fan pple were saying he was arrogant. Young boy requested g it and he dashed it wot is wrong wit dat

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