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Chelsea vs Spurs Lineup

Team Formation

It is Saturday, October 20 in the year 2012. In two months time, the World may cease to exist, as it is seen today. Yet, life goes on, as usual. Couple of clubs from a city known as London are embroiled in a fierce football match. White Hart Lane, home of Tottenham Hotspur hosts Chelsea in a English Premier League match.

Spurs, now being coached by Andre Villas-Boas, the ex-Chelsea coach, has enjoyed a dream run in the league so far. They are two points off the top spot in the league table. Chelsea meanwhile are ‘struggling’ in the fourth spot, but only three points separates them from Spurs. A win would tie them with Spurs. The score is tied at 1-1 with 3 minutes remaining for the final whistle. It has been a fiercely contested game so far. Both sets of players are tired, but they still fight on.

Friedal, at 41, still manages to kick a long ball from his post, deep into Chelsea’s half. Mikel, a much improved Defensive Midfielder now, intercepts the ball before it reaches Adebayor, the opposition striker. He does what he does best. A sideways pass, to Oscar.

Oscar with his head down, eyes on the ball, plays a long and high ball down the right flank. Ramires gets a Brazilian telepathic message from Oscar just before the ball is played. He makes one of his trademark runs down the flanks, whizzing past Bale.

Ramires then chips the ball over a sliding tackle from Ekotto, the Spurs Left Back. Ramires runs with the ball at his feet into the Spurs box. Torres suddenly shrugs off his tiredness from his legs and makes a run past the opposition center backs and gets into the box himself.

Ramires cuts the ball back to Torres, it is a touch heavy though. Nando, doesn’t get time to adjust, but slots the ball past Friedal, with the inside of his right boot.The pace of the ball and the angle of the ball puts a lot of spin on it. The ball gets looped into the air. It keeps travelling towards the Spurs goal post. It seems like it is going in.

Alas! It hits the cross bar. But, wait. The trajectory and the spin on the ball takes the ball back to Ramires, magically. Ramires anticipates the ball. He is ready for it to touchdown. It falls beautifully to his right foot. He stands and delivers a thundering shot past Friedal’s right side.

Although Friedal did well to recover from Torres’ shot, the Ramires thunderbolt is so powerful, he is unable to block it. The ball ends up inside the post and almost tears a whole in the right netting. It is a GOAL. Ekotto having recovered from the failed challenge earlier, plays Ramires on side.

Its 2-1 to Chelsea. Ramires heads over to Torres and says, ” Nando it was your goal.” Nando replies, “No mate. You did all the hardwork, you deserved it. And I meant to hit the crossbar. Just don’t say it to Robbie.” Ramires replies, “Only you can pull that off my man. Now lets join Luiz and start a Samba dance in front of the Spurs dug out.”

If you managed to read till here then, Thank You for wasting your valuable time reading this post. Don’t blame me. Blame it on who ever is responsible for depriving a fan off quality football. Pre-season is useless!

P.S: the above story is fictional. If you feel like giving some feedback, please do so, but be gentle. And if you are still wondering about the headline, well, if the media can make every single comment from AVB, anti-Chelsea, can’t we too do the vice-versa?

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