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Azpilicueta to Chelsea

Cesar Azpilicueta, is the latest player linked to Chelsea. ‘Azpi’, nickname used by the media and an easier option for us too, had been linked with Chelsea earlier in the transfer window.

Azpi, Debuchy and Maicon were rumored to be the possible choices for the right back position.

Maicon prefers a move to Real Madrid than Chelsea and has been stalling on a contract agreement with The Blues.

English: César Azpilicueta.

César Azpilicueta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Debuchy seems to be heading towards Newcastle. He has informed Lille that he wants to leave, no matter what.

La Provence, reported earlier today that Chelsea are in pole position to sign Azpi. Let us see, how good that rumor is.

Almost a week earlier, La Provence had reported, that one of the two right backs of OM (Olympique de Marseille) was to leave this summer. Azpi, the younger of the two was more likely to be offloaded as he would bring in more cash. Only, that time Azpi was linked to Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

OM seem to be facing a financial crunch and their star player Loic Remy staying means, they have to sell other players to raise some money. Azpi has two years remaining on his contract. He is only 23 and is one of the brighter prospects in Europe. Only a knee injury has stalled his progress.

The report mentions, RDM likes Azpi. Since RDM’s appointment as the permanent manager of Chelsea, almost all the players linked to Chelsea have been said to be RDM’s favorite.

Furthermore, the report informs its readers that, OM were reluctant to sell Azpi, four months ago, for less than €12 Million. However, they are ready to sell Azpi for €10 Million, now. Even an offer of €9 Million would be enough to tempt them to sell.

The agent(s) of Azpi seem to be eager about his transfer prospects and want to finalize a deal as soon as possible. There are a few points, mentioned in the report, that are obscure.

The report claims, a close source to Azpi has told them, “The ball is in OM’s court.” However, the name of the club or the intermediary has not been revealed by OM yet. Pointing to the fact that, negotiations are very tight. The next excerpt from the report puts one in doubt:

The situation should be resolved shortly by 24h to 48h, because the acquiring club and the player are almost in agreement.

The problem is that the OM has not yet signed the necessary mandate to representatives of the Spanish to negotiate his transfer. The case is therefore blocked.

If nothing was lost in translation (Google), then those two sentences, that follow one after the other, in the report, are contradictory to each other. Also, Inter Milan was mentioned in the report. Unfortunately, couldn’t gather the relevance of it.

As far as I know, and been told by some of the football experts, a player cannot negotiate personal terms with another club, unless the parent/selling club has consented to it.

The positive to take out of it is that, if OM decide to sell, then Azpi could be on his way to Chelsea. But, then again, the report has been unable to give a concrete evidence, as to which club is actually in talks with OM.

The man walked away without submitting a binding offer and without the athletic director does not know the identity of the club. Shows that negotiations are tight.

Your guess is as good as mine.

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  1. [...] La Provence came out with a report earlier today, which strongly linked Azpilicueta to Chelsea. You can find out if the deal will go through or not, here. [...]

  2. [...] Most of the sources, in the table above, are part of the British media family ( as far as I know, at least they report in English ). French media were the first ones to report Chelsea’s interest in Azpi. You can check out the earlier post on Chelsea’s Azpi interest here. [...]

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